Boilerplate makes digital onboarding 10x easier

Use organized portals to collect and track document requests from new hires, contractors, clients and more.

Featuring e-signatures, file requests, reminders, and a real-time tracking dashboard.

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Save 40+ hours a week by making documentation requests easy:

Onboarding should be organized and trackable

Making document onboarding simple provides immense value for businesses and individuals alike. Consolidating requests saves admin time and improves user experience for your clients, staff and more. Stop juggling email attachments and tracking spreadsheet. Get a turn-key digital onboarding portal from Boilerplate.

Your new document request workflow:

Add contact; personalize docs and assign checklists


Client/ Recipient:
Upload files, fill and e-sign forms and documents


Review submissions


Live tracking dashboard and reminders


Track document expirations


Store or export

Mobile teamGroup

Boilerplate your digital onboarding process
in minutes, not months

Configurable checklists

Requests files, data, docs and signatures

Quality assurance safeguards

Version control, audit logs, QA/QC queue

Personalize before sending

Pre-fill documents, add/ remove requests

Real-time tracking

Monitor status at the request level

Streamlined communication

Everyone knows what's open and closed

boilerplate software
Organized Client Portal

Visualize open requests

Electronic Signatures

Verifiable signatures in the application

Online Form Filling

Fill forms in browser

File and Data Requests

Upload images and PDFs in seconds


Get notified of due dates and revisions

Mobile Uploads

Snap pics of licenses, credentials and more

Client Tab

Document intakes, electronic signatures, and tracking in a single system

Digital checklists
Emailed lists
Links to multiple outside systems
File selector buttons
Blog Icon
File intakes
Email attachments
Download/ upload
Paper copies
Mobile line
Finger Scan
Digital forms, PDFs and e-sign
E-sign tools
Digital forms
Pen & paper
Cloud Data
Cloud exports
Manual downloads
File renaming
Scattered storage
Filing cabinets
Project mgmt software
Unnecessary emails
Phone calls
Let's go

Is Boilerplate digital onboarding right for me?

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System gaps: Existing systems do document onboarding poorly or not at all. Email attachments and cloud folder links are being used to collect new hire files. Training links are being emailed. Signature requests are separate from supporting file requests.

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Volume: Onboarding more than 25 people per year where multiple documents are required to be collected and tracked.

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Speed and close rate: Offers and contracts are not going out quickly after a hiring decision. Onboarding documents are not on file by start date. Losing candidates while they await requests for required paperwork.

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Organization: Scattered channels to collect documents and track tasks, including e-signature tools, email attachments, and cloud folder links.

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Tracking and reminders: Confusion over what's been requested and what's still missing. Unnecessary internal and external communication. Manual reminders.

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Expirations: You're manually tracking expirations of licenses, clearances, credentials and certificates.

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Risk management: Key files are being manually saved from various sources, creating risks of incomplete records and compliance issues.

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Streamline your digital onboarding process,
make it easier for everyone.

Easy to use.
Fewer touch points.
Security and privacy.
Recruiting team
Fast offer letters.
Quicker closing.
Meet quotas.
HR coordinators
Repeatable process.
Automated tracking.
Due dates + reminders.
Mgmt & Legal
Real-time visual tracker.
Single source of truth.
Complete records.
Reduce recruiting costs.
Save admin expenses.
Less custom dev work

Boilerplate compliments your existing software and workflows.

Out-of-the-Box Solution

Boilerplate can be operational in minutes, not months. Avoid custom development risks, costs, and delays. Checklists are still highly configurable, right out of the box.

Enterprise-Level Cloud Security

Firewalls, encryption in transit (TLS) and at rest (AES-256), suspicious activity monitoring, third party cyber hygiene, MFA, HIPAA compliance, US-based hosting on AWS, and more.


Import contacts, collect what you need using Boilerplate, then export files and data to cloud storage, HRIS, payroll system or other applications. OpenAPI makes integrations fast and easy.

Embrace Digital Transformation.
Automate manual processes.
Improve customer experience.
Give your team tools for success.
Make digital onboarding 10x easier
The process starts with a complimentary, risk-free assessment of your process.