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Boilerplate’s platform combines our team’s unique understanding of the problems around document management with the technical ability to develop a secure, world-class solution.

CEO Brian Magrann
Brian Magrann

Former management consultant with 15 years in document-intensive roles and workflows

Brian started his career implementing enterprise software and got tapped to help with the Hurricane Katrina response. He spent over a decade helping communities recover from disasters, from processing loans and claims, to designing compliance-driven workflows and setting up national processing centers. He holds a B.S. Accounting from Penn State.

CTO Levente Kurusa
Levente Kurusa

Coding since age 8. Focused on secure, scalable systems.

Lev had an early love for technology, which brought him to Imperial College London. He’s worked for world-renowned software companies, developing complex operating systems with a focus on security and privacy. To his surprise, even top tech firms lacked good software to collect onboarding documentation, and built a better solution.

Foundations of Our Commitment to You

Helping communities recover from major disasters provided the foundation for Boilerplate’s commitment to its customers. Hundreds of conversations have shown the problem of requesting, tracking, and storing documentation requests is universal. The key lessons:

Client experience comes first. Municipal leaders managing recovery efforts are busy. They needed a simple process to submit documentation without wondering what was still missing, or being asked to send the same items repeatedly.

Efficiency matters, whether we were qualifying emergency loans, validating reimbursements for emergency protective measures, or processing claims to rebuild and mitigate.

Compliance shouldn’t be an afterthought. Any federal funds expended needed to be accounted for with all required documentation, especially when audited by the Office of Inspector General, or called to defend our work before the United States Senate.

Transparency saves everybody time. Leadership status inquiries meant analysts had to drop everything to respond. Maintaining and double-checking manual tracking spreadsheets was a full-time job. A good system keeps everyone updated without interruption.

Being future-focused makes it easier to adapt new technologies. The workarounds to antiquated systems often meant working out of our inboxes and spreadsheets. Being able to plug and play solutions to specific pain points would’ve saved thousands of hours.

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