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We’ve lived your pain points.

Boilerplate’s platform combines our team’s unique understanding of the problems around document management with the technical ability to develop a secure, world-class solution.

Brian Magrann
Brian Magrann

15 years managing document-intensive workflows

As a process improvement consultant turned claims and loans program manager, Brian lived the nightmare of using an email inbox and tracking spreadsheet to manage complex documentation requests. After meeting Lev in 2019, they combined a vision for a simple, secure way to manage repetitive requests with visibility for everyone involved. Brian loves efficiency organization, and socializing. He has a B.S. in Accounting from Penn State, where he continues to volunteer in student mentorship programs.

Levente Kurusa
Levente Kurusa

Coding since age 8. Focused on secure, scalable systems.

Lev had an early love for technology, which brought him to Imperial College London. He’s worked for world-renowned software companies, developing complex operating systems with a focus on security and privacy. To his surprise, even top tech firms lacked good software to collect onboarding documentation, and built a better solution.

Our Commitment to You

Security is our top priority, investing time and resources every day to mitigate threats. We uphold the privacy of you and your customers, and never sell anyone's data.

Reliability comes next. We know documentation requests, from new employees to customers, are critical for your business and operations. We do our absolute best to keep everything running as it should, and being responsive and transparent if something does break. A chat bot ensures any technical questions or issues can be addressed right away.

Usability and efficiency matter. Our business is all about saving you time, so using our software should be as efficient as possible for our users. We've cut out unnecessary clicks, increased visibility, and built in workflows to make your document intakes and storage seamless.

Compliance and risk management count. When you're processing a large volume of documentation requests, it's easy to forget or overlook something, or think you have the correct version of something when you don't. This issues usually come out later, when there's an audit, lawsuit, staff termination, or similar. Giving users the ability to track and review items within standardized digital checklists reduces that risk.

Transparency saves everybody time. Leadership status inquiries cause subordinates to drop everything and respond. Maintaining and double-checking manual tracking spreadsheets can be a full-time job. A good system keeps everyone updated without interruption.

Being future-focused makes it easier to adapt new technologies. The workarounds to antiquated systems often mean working out of our inboxes and spreadsheets. Being able to plug and play solutions to specific pain points can save you thousands of man-hours each year.

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