Frequently Asked Questions
What is Boilerplate?

Boilerplate is a document management system that efficiently collects and tracks important files and documents. It enables you to securely request files and documents, review submissions, track progress, and retain files in an organized manner.


Requests can be shared or posted as a link to your a secure portal, or assigned to a specific email address.

What is it for?

Collecting materials for applications, client intakes, onboarding, transactions, and managing certifications. 


What’s the value?

A secure and efficient file collection system:


  • Increased revenue: the easier it is for clients to submit applications and onboard, the more quotes you can deliver and clients you can serve.

  • Lower costs: our clients can generally process documentation requests 10x faster using Boilerplate, saving time and money. Our systems are significantly less expensive and risky than custom system development to solve the same problem.

  • Reduced risk: email attachments are inherently not secure for confidential information; non-compliance with file retention requirements can lead to fines, adverse audit findings, suspension of business, lawsuits, and more.

  • Modernization: disruptive startups in all industries are using technology as a competitive advantage; keep business up to speed with client interfaces that don’t feel they were developed in the dial-up internet era. 


What does Boilerplate replace?
  • Manual tracking sheets

  • File requests via email attachments

  • Disorganized cloud storage folders

  • Poor or non-existent quality assurance safeguards

How is it different from other portals I've seen?

Boilerplate doesn't ask users to just dump all their files into a single bucket. Instead, they access a customized checklist showing every individual file request and form to be completed. 

Who benefits?


Everyone. We provide a better client experience, and internally help everyone from entry-level to executives. 


Where can it help?


Anywhere you’re sending or receiving file requests, including customized documents. If you go  to your email inbox right now and search “PDF” or “please send the following” you’re sure to find several use-cases. 


Boilerplate increases your efficiency collecting files and documents, which drives revenue and saves costs, while lowering risk through better compliance. We add value anytime groups of documents are routinely exchanged between parties.


What if we already have a system?

Boilerplate can serve as a standalone system, or supplemental tool to an existing system that doesn't have our functionality and capabilities. Boilerplate can collect files and make them available for placement into another system, or in certain situations we can integrate with existing systems. 

Is it secure?


Yes, it's a top priority. We utilize advanced encryption standards (AES-256) for transmission and storage of files, along with firewalls, plus other security measures like audit Loggins and access controls. We were accepted into the US Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Hygiene program, administered by the Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency, which conducts routine vulnerability scans on our system. You can read more about our security measures here


Where are my files actually stored?


All files are securely stored on AWS servers, but accessible online through your Boilerplate account.


How do I start sending requests?


First, you’ll upload any generic forms and customizable templates. Then, create a package of requests by selecting from these documents and adding any additional file requests. These packages can be shared as a secure link, or assigned to a specific recipient using their email address. 


Can I send the same request more than once?


Absolutely, that’s part of what makes Boilerplate so valuable. You can send a request to as many recipients as you would like just by entering their email address. Onboarding contractors or new clients now takes minutes, not hours. The same requests can be sent to thousands of recipients. Packages can also be duplicated if you need to create variations or send the same request to a person more than once.


How does creating a collection portal with an intake link work?


For any packages that don’t contain recipient-specific documents (how can we customize a letter if we don’t know who the recipient is?), you can create an intake link for anyone to fulfill a request. It’s a link that can be shared on social media, posted on a website, texted, or included in a mail-merge. Anyone that accesses the link will be prompted to fill the generic forms and/ or upload the requested files. Once submitted, you’ll be prompted to review the submissions and the files are tracked on your dashboard. It’s ideal for applications and intakes that don’t require any customization. 


What’s the difference between generic forms and recipient-specific documents?


Generic forms do not require any customization for the recipient or client, and send exactly as you’ve uploaded them. They are forms like direct deposit authorizations, tax withholding forms, and liability releases. Recipient-specific templates will be customized before sending to a specific person. 


How do the quality assurance features work?


We start by letting you add versioning information to each uploaded form and template. That reduces errors and reworking by helping to ensure you’re sending the right version of a request. Our system is also set up so that you’ll do a quality review of each submission before accepting it, which is important for compliance purposes. You can even choose the specific reason you’re returning an item from a drop down menu. 


How does the dashboard work?


Our visual dashboard lets you track progress of all requests sent to specific recipients, as well as submissions through an intake link. Status is visualized to show that a request has been sent, the portal accessed by the recipient, items submitted, reviewed, and completed.

How does the license and certification management feature work?


If you need to manage licenses and certifications for staff or contractors, you’ll be able to send each individual a request for copies of those files. Once tracked in our system, you can add expiration dates that will trigger automatic reminders to you and/or the recipient when one of these files will be expiring and a new version should be added to the system.

Does it work on mobile?


While most requestors use a desktop version, recipients can use their phone to complete file requests, including taking pictures of documents and adding images from their camera roll.


Can the interface be white-labeled?


Yes, as a premium feature we offer can implement your organization’s color schemes and logo onto the portal to look like your own. Request emails will also display your name in the sender field (i.e. Mary Jones from ABC co via Boilerplate). 


Do you offer signatures? How is it different from traditional e-signature providers?


We don’t offer integrated e-signatures yet, but they are on our roadmap. E-signature providers are good for collecting signatures, but they’re not good at organizing and tracking complex requests, or collecting lots of files that don’t require signatures. Boilerplate offers streamlined requests, a quality review of each file submitted, and a visual dashboard to track compliance.


How’s it different from traditional cloud-storage?


Boilerplate was built with compliance in mind. Think of Boilerplate as providing closet organizers for your cloud storage and data rooms. Boilerplate provides a visual dashboard to track progress in real-time, showing recipients, their organization, and the status of each individual file assigned to them. All collected and reviewed files 


What’s the set up like?


It’s easy. A member of our team will provide a consultation, then you’ll get an email with a temporary password to log in. Our site has an overview tab to walk you through usage, and  then you’ll start uploading files and sending requests within minutes.


Can I try it free?


Yes, you can access a sandbox account here that will let you explore the software for up to an hour. We can also arrange risk-free trials for your organization by contacting us.  

How does pricing work?


Boilerplate offers low monthly plans that scale with your business, including special offers for small businesses and startups. Plans are customized based on your needs and intended usage. We believe you should only pay for features you’re actually using that benefit your bottom line.  


Do you offer APIs?


Yes, please schedule a consultation to discuss your needs. 


Why should we choose Boilerplate?


We provide security, efficiency, and organization of file collection that will delight you, your team, and your customers. 

Still have questions? 


Please use the chat button in the bottom right or our contact form.


Ready to take the next step?


Please schedule a free consultation with our team.

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