Secure Document Collection Platforms
Secure, cloud-based data and document collection systems.

Boilerplate replaces email attachments, cloud folders, and tracking sheets with a secure, organized portal to collect, track, and store forms, files, and data requests.

Streamline applications, client intakes, onboarding, due diligence, claims, and other document-intensive transactions. 

Let's spend 20 minutes to see how we can save you hundreds of hours a year.

Transform manual

file intakes, fast.

Manually collecting repetitive documentation requests is tedious, error-prone, and inefficient.


We imagined a better way to collect documents to eliminate pain points for clients, staff, and management.

In just a few clicks, you can send automated requests, collect forms and files through a secure portal, then review, track, and access submissions.

Remarkably easy to use.

1. Group forms and file requests into packages.

2. Share an intake link, or email custom requests.


3. Clients submit forms & files in the portal.


4. Review submissions for quality control.

Real-time tracking and organized data room.

Improve accountability and visibility over the documents keeping your business moving, all on a real-time dashboard.

Your files are organized in one place, no scavenger hunt required to locate them.

Save time, lower costs, and reduce risk.

"It's great! Really easy to use. I just onboarded a new member... she had no issues and completed it easily. Thanks! Definitely getting a five star review!"
Mike Weber
Not-for-profit chairman
Philadelphia, PA
"Helpful, clean and dummy-proof. Good means to track documents and not lose people along the way."
Howard Wolpoff 
Small business consultant
Jacksonville, FL
"This takes a major headache off my plate"
Zack Dutka
Sales organization director
Philadelphia, PA

Protected with advanced security.

Sensitive files sitting in your inbox aren't secure. Boilerplate utilizes cyber security best practices, including encryption of files in transit and at rest, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, and routine vulnerability scans to keep your critical documents secure, yet accessible.

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