Secure Document Collection Platforms
Make collecting
forms, files, data and
digital signatures easy.

Boilerplate offers all-in-one online form filling, e-signatures, file and data requests, real-time tracker, and organized cloud storage.


Boilerplate's no-code platform uses digital checklists to collect, track, and store any type of documentation requests.


Improve your client experience, efficiency, and compliance - without hiring developers. 

Transform manual

documentation intakes, fast.

Your clients expect an organized intake system that's simple, secure and easy to use.

Internally, Boilerplate reduces errors, drives efficiency, and increases transparency.

With a single-source-of-truth for your documentation, we enhance compliance, security, and the ability to utilize your data. 

Remarkably easy to use.

1. Create digital checklists of forms, file, data and digital signature requests. 

2. Share an intake link, or email custom requests.


3. Clients fill, sign, and upload in the portal.


4. Review and track submissions.

Real-time tracking and organized data room.

Improve customer experience, efficiency and compliance.

"It's great! Really easy to use. I just onboarded a new member... she had no issues and completed it easily. Thanks! Definitely getting a five star review!"
Mike Weber, Chairman - Colonial Community Organization
Philadelphia, PA
"This takes a major headache off my plate"
Zack Dutka, Sales organization director
Philadelphia, PA

Encrypted and secure.

Sensitive files sitting in your inbox aren't secure. Boilerplate utilizes cyber security best practices, including encryption of files in transit and at rest, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, and routine vulnerability scans to keep your critical documents secure, yet accessible.

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