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Making accounting client onboarding simple, efficient, and hassle-free with secure portals and live tracking.

Boilerplate accounting client onboarding software is a digital solution designed to streamline the onboarding process for new accounting clients. It allows accountants to send engagement letters then requests and collect files from a centralized platform, making it easier to track submissions. With features such as automated reminders, e-signature capabilities, and live tracking, this software simplifies the onboarding process, saves time, and improves the client experience.

Boilerplate makes it easy to send personalized requests with tracking for each individual request item.

Engagement Letters
Client intake
Tax Return Support
Previous Returns and Tax History
Account Changes
Shareable Intake Links

Boilerplate accounting client onboarding software brings many benefits, including reduced paperwork, enhanced client experience, improved compliance, and increased efficiency.

With a single link, collect everything you need from your client. Your firm can create re-usable digital checklist for different client personas (married vs single, C Corp vs LLC), then personalize and send.

-create specialty upload lists based upon new client types
-develop a client information sheet available (essentially an Excel file) to obtain names and dates of birth, and socials for all people on the returns securely
-mail merge my engagement letters, and receive electronic Signatures
-securely send files to clients

Boilerplate provide individualized auto tracking on everything.

Your client sees a list of all requests, where they can sign forms, answer questions, and upload pictures and PDFs. They can also flag unavailable items, and choose a reason - turning those road blocks into speed bumps.

Modernize your document request experience with a create a quick, seamless document intake and e-signature process.

Pricing: per client basis

Efficiency + Customer Experience

By digitizing your onboarding process, you can save time, reduce lost email attachments, and free up time for more important tasks. Additionally, it enables you to provide a modern, streamlined, and hassle-free onboarding experience for your clients, improving the chances of a successful long-term relationship.

Eliminate manually tracking and reminding

Send organized requests that outline exactly what you need from your clients. Include due dates and automated reminders. If they send an incorrect item, you can easily return it through the Boilerplate system.

Increase customer satisfaction

Customers hate not knowing whether they have provided everything that was requested. Boilerplate makes it super easy to tell which items are open and closed. Even better, if they don't have something, they can mark it unavailable and choose the reason.

Maintain security and compliance

Maintain electronic audit trails of all your signed engagement letter and consent forms. All data is encrypted in transit (TLS) and at rest (AES-256). Multifactor authentication available to safeguard your administrative account. All data stored on AWS servers, leveraging their world class security.

Improve operational productivity

Get time back in your day by not having to toggle between an inbox, tracking sheet and cloud folders all day. Let your team focus on growing the business and serving clients, not chasing down documentation requests.

Why Choose Boilerplate?


Boilerplate offers a fully secure document management workflow with cybersecurity best practices in mind. Our process encrypts files in transit and at rest, requires multi-factor authentication on the admin side. Behind the scenes, we have extensive systems of firewalls, plus regular vulnerability scans.

Boilerplate keeps your documents secure, but accessible.

No Code, Easy to Use

You don’t have to be a techie to use our document management software. Our out-of-the-box document intake & e-signature platform replaces all other applications with an end-to-end, secure platform. Send and track your first request in minutes.

Optimized Workflow

When documents are managed electronically, it is more agile and efficient to assign each workflow, as employees can easily find the documents and information they want while conforming to working protocols and procedures.

Use-Cases of Boilerplate

Our cloud-based document management and e-signature platform for tax preparation simplifies use-cases across the entire customer lifecycle.

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Engagement Letters

Transform engagement letters and client intakes with automated document intake, workflows, and an easy-to-search centralized repository.

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Current and Previous Clients

Seamlessly request checklists of digital documents to support your organization process.

Client Submissions

Mobile-friendly Boilerplate solutions can slash your documentation intake times to just a few minutes per client request with everyone knowing what’s still missing.

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Our cloud-based, easy-to-deploy document management system is equipped with a real-time visual tracker to ensure transparency that all required documents have been processed and completed.

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