Document Management Software for Tax Professionals

Boilerplate is a versatile, cloud-based document management software, designed to ease collecting files and documents from tax clients. 

We offer a suite of user-friendly tools that can significantly reduce your tax office’s manual paperwork.

Streamlining Document Requests for Auditors and Tax Preparers

Engagement letter with pre-populated fields



Fill and sign documents online, from desktop or mobile

Client intake

White Glove Onboarding

Make it easy to request, track and remind clients what they need to provide


High Security

Encryption in transit and at rest, secure hosting on AWS, multi-factor authentication, firewalls and more.

What People are Saying

We're creating something truly groundbreaking, an innovation that has never been attempted before, and the buzz from our customers, partners, and users is spreading like wildfire.

I uploaded all my forms to the portal. The Boilerplate portal has been great and easy to use/ navigate.
Client of our client
I have the ability to:- create specialty upload lists based upon new client types- develop a client information sheet- mail merge my engagement letters,and receive electronic Signatures- securely send files to clients- They provide individualized auto tracking on everything.
CPA/ tax preparer

The difference we make

It saves me from having 30 different formats to go through such as Google drives, Dropbox adobe and worrying about password protected files. It is also nice to have one place to go to to see all documents versus the person that will send me 14 emails with a single attachment, all of which have the same subject “my 2021 tax return” 

- George, CPA, Philadelphia

We help tax professionals like you with every step
of the customer journey

Engagement letters

Set up your engagement letter once in Boilerplate, then fill-in-the-blanks and send for client electronic signatures in seconds. Track responses and send reminders through our system, with the click of a button

Client Onboarding

  • With our straightforward intake portals, you can onboard clients without them wondering what need to provide. 
  • Start with a standard request checklist, then add and remove requests specific to that client. They’ll see a detailed list of everything you’ve requested and can add other relevant files.
  • Clients can attach past tax returns, W-2s, and more as PDFs on desktop, or upload pictures straight from their phone
  • Requests can be flagged as unavailable with a note - keeping the process going, even if there’s missing forms.
Boilerplate dashboard

File Submissions through your Email Signature

  • Put a link in your email signature to let clients securely submit files to you, like IRS letters. 
  • We can index these attachments online; when you’re ready to download them, they’ll be automatically named with the relevant data tags - no need for manual sorting.

Digital Forms and Online PDF Filling

  • Create digital forms to collect information on everything from dependents to business credentials.
  • Prefill and e-sign all necessary client documentation. No more manual retyping, email attachments.
  • Prepare Federal and State Forms 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120S, 1120 and more offline or in another system, and then use Boilerplate to send to your clients for review and download.
  • Map client data to fill repetitive PDF forms.
Boilerplate digital forms and online pdf filing


  • Minimize your clients, as well as your own liability, by never missing a single form, document, or signature. 
  • With our streamlined dashboard, keeping track of your clients (and the status of their document uploads) has never been easier.

Features Our Tax Professionals Love

Personalized Requests

With a few clicks, you can build a dynamic task list for your clients.

Completion Status

Your inbox isn’t a CRM - stop using it like one. Track submission status, credentials, and more with ease.

File Intake Links

Have you sent the same request hundreds of times? Securely collect files from a link in your email signature, website, or card.

Automatic File Renaming

Our software automatically adds your client name, the date, and the title of the document to the file name - this keeps your files organized and easy to find.

Client Side Tagging

If your client is missing a document, they can flag it with a comment, for your review - while still submitting the others.

Boilerplate tax dashboard

We help tax preparers spend less time in their inbox,
and more with their clients.
If you’d like to cut out the busywork

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