Construction Document Management for New Employees and Contractors

Boilerplate is a cloud-based document management system and e-signature tool that empowers construction companies to streamline collecting, tracking and organizing documentation requests.

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Construction Document Management

Make onboarding construction staff and vendors quick and organized with Boilerplate document management portals

HR teams at construction companies often struggle to track required documentation requests from new hires and contractors. For employees, this means I-9s, W-4s, handbooks, payroll setup, licenses, credentials and certifications. For subcontractors, you're juggling contracts, proof of insurance, business licenses and more.

Let's make the onboarding document process easy:

Pre-Interview Materials
Client intake
Offer letters and onboarding docs
Licenses and certifications
Account Changes
Contracts, proof of insurance and more

If you're still using email attachments and cloud folder links to collect this documentation, Boilerplate is  document management will change your work-life. We combine file requests, e-sigantures and tracking, all in one place. Plus you can set due dates, send automated or manual reminders, and track in real-time what's open and closed. You can even track expirations of key documents like licenses and certificates.

What People are Saying

We're creating something truly groundbreaking, an innovation that has never been attempted before, and the buzz from our customers, partners, and users is spreading like wildfire.

I love the system... you're not running around looking for different documents. It's all right there for you to see. Everyone can go in and see the same information, and see what's still needed.
Construction owner
I was impressed at the depth of thought that went into the features they've developed and overall UI. Much better than various onboarding platforms I've seen in the past.
HR consultant
Saving me 40 hours a week
Hiring coordinator, construction and home services

Efficiency + User Experience

Boilerplate provides an easy documentation request experience for everyone.

Eliminate the manual paperwork

Document automation and e-signature allow construction HR and vendor manamgent teams to process documentation securely online. You can focus on winning jobs and serving customers better.

Cut your hiring costs

Online document management with Boilerplate enables offer letters and contracts to be sent with just a few clicks. Onboarding document requests are easily managed through a single portal. This makes hiring faster and reduces the number of lost candidates.

Secure sensitive documentation

Maintain electronic audit trails of all your signed contracts and offer letters. Get key personnel and vendor documentation out of you inbox and into a secure, encrypted system. Cloud backups protect you in case of a fire or other catastrophic events.

Improve operational productivity

With fast processing and no manual document management, your team can concentrate on their main objectives – hiring the best people, winning work and building, while knowing the documentation they requested from each employee and contractor is on file.

Why Choose Boilerplate?


Boilerplate offers a fully secure document management workflow with cybersecurity best practices in mind, such as encryption of files in transit and at rest, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, and routine vulnerability scans to keep your sensitive documents secure, yet accessible.

No Code, Easy to Use

You don’t have to be a techie to use our document management software. Our out-of-the-box document intake & e-sign solution replaces all other applications with an end-to-end, secure platform. Manage your documents throughout their lifecycle with an efficient, organized, and user-friendly solution.

Optimized Workflow

Offer letters and contracts can be prefilled in Boilerplate and sent in seconds. Re-usable document onboarding checklists for different personas can collect and track all your required new hire and subcontractor paperwork in one place.

Seamless Integrations

Import contacts and save documentation directly to your third party cloud storage provider. Yeah, it's that easy.

Use-Cases of Boilerplate

Our cloud-based document management and e-signature platform for contracting simplifies documentation across the entire project lifecycle.

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Quotes and Proposals

Transform quotes and proposals with automated document intake and e-signatures workflows, and an easy-to-search centralized repository.

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Permits and Licenses

Keep all your important construction documents organized and tracked.


Mobile-friendly Boilerplate solutions can slash your staff onboarding times from hours to minutes per employee with everyone knowing what’s still missing.

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Our cloud-based, easy-to-deploy document management system is equipped with a real-time visual tracker to ensure transparency that all required documents have been processed and completed.

Transform the way your construction company operates with Boilerplate document intake & e-sign platform.

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