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This is awesome.... I LOVE what I am seeing 😊
Hiring coordinator, medical transportation
I was impressed at the depth of thought that went into the features they've developed and overall UI. Much better than various onboarding platforms I've seen in the past.
HR consultant

Embrace the Future of Healthcare Staff Onboarding

Introducing Boilerplate: The Power of Digital Onboarding Portals

At Boilerplate, we revolutionize the way healthcare organizations onboard their employees and contractors. Our user-friendly online portals provide a secure and efficient platform to digitize your onboarding process, collecting forms, licenses, transcripts, clearances and more, all in one place. Say goodbye to manual paperwork, endless emails, and fragmented communication. Boilerplate’s innovative solution combines forms, file requests, tasks, training links and e-signatures, plus real-time tracking and reminders. You can streamline and centralize the entire onboarding journey, saving time, reducing unnecessary communication, and ensuring a quick, easy start for your new hires and contractors.

Streamlined Document Management and Compliance

Our online portals simplify document management and compliance for healthcare employee onboarding. Create reusable, persona-based checklists with everything you need to collect from your new hire. From W-4s and I-9s to offer letters, contracts and confidentiality agreements, transcripts and licensing documents, and whatever else your organization requires. Our intuitive tool lets you request, track and organize these critical documents in one secure location. Easily track completion, automate reminders, and ensure regulatory compliance, empowering you to focus on what matters most – quickly hiring the best talent and delivering exceptional patient care.

Interactive Training and Orientation Links

Engage your healthcare employees from day one with links to your interactive training and orientation guides. Our online portals allow you to create checklists for the new hire that incorporate documentation requests, handbooks, and links to outside multimedia content. Link to your essential training, including HIPAA compliance, safety protocols, and job-specific skills development, then have the new hire mark them down or upload confirmations. Empower your new hires with the knowledge and confidence to excel in their roles and contribute to your organization's success.

Streamlined Communication

From quickly preparing and sending offer letters to collecting all required paperwork for the role, Boilerplate reduces unnecessary communication with your teammates and the new hire. In a competitive hiring environment like healthcare, making the onboarding process as quick and organized as possible helps win more candidates that you’ve already put significant effort into finding, interviewing and recruiting. Foster a smooth start through our organized online portals for healthcare employee document onboarding.

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Embrace the Future of Healthcare Onboarding

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