Cloud-based vendor onboarding software.

Boilerplate provides organized portals to collect and track vendor document requests, including contracts, W-9s, proof of insurance, licenses and more.

Notable Features

Client intake
Document Intake Portals

Contracts, W-9s, vendor security forms, proof of insurance, credentials and more.

Sign Online

E-signatures and PDF filling are built into Boilerplate. Simply fill in the blanks then send for completion.

Account Changes
Tracking and Reminders

A visual dashboard shows exactly what's completed and still missing, with automated and manual reminders.

If you’re looking for a clean, user-friendly, and streamlined solution to vendor onboarding, Boilerplate is easy to set up and use.

Digitize vendor onboarding.

Organized Requests

Stop wasting time chasing documentation requests. Create checklists for different vendor personas, then send them by entering an email address.

Pre-fill Agreements Online

Your vendor agreements and non-disclosures can be pre-filled online and sent for signature with just a few clicks and inputs. More complex? You can prepare offline and then easily import to send.

Onboarding Portals

Enter a vendor's email, choose the checklist, then watch the requests flow back to you as the a secure, organized portal. No more questions about what's still missing.

Vendors can also see exactly what they need to get done, fill out fill their W-9, sign agreements, upload file requests like licenses, credentials or proof of insurance -- anything you need them to provide. 

Boilerplate lets you track submissions in real-time, send reminders for open items, and reject incomplete or incorrect items. You can store these documents indefinitely, or have them automatically named, sorted, and available for download or export.

Expiration Tracking

Do your vendors have documents like insurance certificates or licenses that expire? Boilerplate helps you stop worrying.

Vendors can be prompted to enter expiration dates when they upload these files, you'll verify them, then be able to track when they expire.

Why Choose Boilerplate?

Ease of use

  • Once your paperwork is created as a reusable checklist, you’ll never have to track down a file again. Send and receive all needed documents at the push of a button.

  • Set a due date when you send a request to trigger automatic reminders to the other person.

  • When you download files, we'll automatically re-name them to include the vendor's name, document title and date, so you don't have to. 

Tracking Dashboards

How many times have you had to run a report or follow up on what you requested?

Our dashboards can show the exact state of all assigned requests - you’ll know exactly what needs to be done, without the hassle of a spreadsheet.

Secure Access and Exports

End-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication and routine cyber hygiene scans are just some of the security measures to keep your data safe. Set how long you'd like to store data on Boilerplate, and download or export as needed.

No Missed Paperwork

We’ve heard a lot of horror stories about things ‘falling through the cracks’ - Boilerplate provides gaurdrails to ensure you get back everything you requests. By presenting a convenient, consistent, and user friendly checklist, all assigned requests are tracked.

Mobile teamGroup
Configurable checklists

Requests files, data, docs and signatures

Quality assurance safeguards

Version control, audit logs, QA/QC queue

Personalize before sending

Pre-fill documents, add/ remove requests

Real-time tracking

Monitor status at the request level

Streamlined communication

Everyone knows what's open and closed

boilerplate software
Organized Client Portal

Visualize open requests

Electronic Signatures

Verifiable, E-SIGN Act compliant

Online Form Filling

Fill forms in browser

File and Data Requests

Collect PDFs, images, data, and more


Get notified of due dates and revisions

Mobile Uploads

Collect PDFs, images, documents & more

Client Tab

Convenient Features

Quality Assurance

  • Review, flag, and return problematic items with the click of a button.
  • Vendors see a list of exactly what you've asked them for and work through each item in the portal, reducing missed items.
  • If a client is unable to complete a request, say they lack a business license, they are able to mark it unavailable so you're not waiting on something you'll never get.

Pre-Filled forms

  • Pre-fill agreements and other personalized documents online using our fill-in-the blank functionality.

Automated reminders

  • No more manually following up - set due dates that trigger reminder emails. If needed, you can always manually nudge them in our system too.

Expiration and credential tracking

  • Track when key submitted file like licenses and insurance policies expire.

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