Law Firm Client Document Management System and E-Sign for Lawyers

Boilerplate is a cloud-based document management system and e-signature tool that uses configurable digital checklists to manage repetitive documentation and e-siganture requests.

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law firm document management system

Fast-Track Your Law Firm with Full-Service Online Document Management

As a law firm, you have to handle an overwhelming amount of documentation daily. From client intakes, discovery requests, and document sign-offs, you have to exchange hundreds of documents with clients, which is highly inefficient manually.

Save time and money, improve accuracy, and delight customers when managing documentation for:

Engagement letters
Client intake
Document request checklists
Claims submissions
Account Changes
Contracts and agreements

Boilerplate is an online document management tool for law firms that modernizes the user experience by allowing you to create Boilerplate checklists for document intakes and e-signature requests. Reduce unnecessary back-and-forth and increase efficiency, while improving the client experience.

Efficiency + Customer Experience

Boilerplate provides an easy documentation request experience for everyone.

Eliminate the manual paperwork

Document automation and e-signature allow law firms to process documentation completely online, freeing them from the burden of paperwork and administrative tasks. You can focus on exploring new opportunities and serving customers better.

Increase customer satisfaction

Online document management ensures law firms can process documentation faster, empowering clients to sign papers digitally from anywhere, anytime, any device. This accelerates transactions and improves client experience.

Maintain security and compliance

Maintain electronic audit trails of all your signed contracts and consent forms, and keep your operations secure. Boilerplate keeps your critical documents secure round the clock with enterprise-level cloud security.

Improve operational productivity

With fast processing and no manual document management, your team can concentrate on their main objectives – winning business and serving clients, while keeping daily operations frictionless.

Why Choose Boilerplate?


Boilerplate offers a fully secure document management workflow with cybersecurity best practices in mind, such as encryption of files in transit and at rest, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, and routine vulnerability scans to keep your sensitive documents secure, yet accessible.

No Code, Easy to Use

You don’t have to be a techie to use our document management software. Our out-of-the-box document intake & e-sign solution replaces all other applications with an end-to-end, secure platform. Manage your documents throughout their lifecycle with an efficient, organized, and user-friendly solution.

Optimized Workflow

When documents are managed electronically, it is more agile and efficient to assign each workflow, as employees can easily find the documents and information they want while conforming to working protocols and procedures.

Seamless Integrations

Our APIs make integrations with your existing tools easy, saving you thousands of hours annually. You can also export files for easier collaboration.

Use-Cases of Boilerplate

Our cloud-based document management and e-signature platform for law firms simplifies use-cases across the entire customer lifecycle.

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New Client Onboarding

Transform engagement letters and client intakes with automated document intake, workflows, and an easy-to-search centralized repository.

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Seamlessly request customizable checklists of digital documents to support your discovery process.


Mobile-friendly Boilerplate solutions can slash your claim intake times to just a few minutes per claim with everyone knowing what’s still missing.

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Contacts & Agreements

Our cloud-based, easy-to-deploy document management system is equipped with a real-time visual tracker to ensure transparency that all required documents have been processed and completed.

Transform the way your law firm operates with Boilerplate document intake & e-sign platform.

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