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What is School Employee Digital Onboarding Software?

School employee digital onboarding software is an innovative solution from Boilerplate that simplifies the onboarding process for new hires. It allows schools to digitize their onboarding process and streamline the entire experience from start to finish. This software enables HR teams to manage and monitor the onboarding process from a centralized platform, making it easier to track progress and ensure compliance.

How Does it Work?

Offer letters & contracts for e-sign
Client intake
HR, tax, payroll and legal forms
Licenses, clearances, transcripts, more
Account Changes
Track submissions and auto reminders

With school employee digital onboarding software from Boilerplate, the entire onboarding process can be digitized. New hires can complete forms, upload documents, and provide essential information online before their first day of work. This software provides a range of features such as automated reminders, e-signature capabilities, and custom workflows, enabling HR teams to customize the onboarding process to suit the needs of the school. This software lets you add your own templates and requests, allowing HR teams to create re-usable onboarding checklists for different employee personas.

What People are Saying

We're creating something truly groundbreaking, an innovation that has never been attempted before, and the buzz from our customers, partners, and users is spreading like wildfire.

I was impressed at the depth of thought that went into the features they've developed and overall UI. Much better than various onboarding platforms I've seen in the past.

HR consultant

The software did exactly what I wanted it to.... easy to use, great interface.
School HR director, Bucks County, PA
Wonderful to work with
School District Secretary
Thrilled with the streamlining
School Superintendent
Onboarding is a lot more streamlined... Everything is in one place
School HR Director, NY
It's truly a life changer for us.
Superintendent, IL

Benefits of School Employee Digital Onboarding Software

Implementing digital onboarding software for schools can bring many benefits. It saves time and reduces the amount of email attachments, freeing up HR teams to focus on other important tasks. It also improves the candidate experience by providing a modern, streamlined, and hassle-free onboarding experience. Additionally, it enhances data security by keeping sensitive information in a centralized location, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Eliminate the manual paperwork

Document automation and e-signatures using digital checklists allow Human Resources teams to process offer letters and onboarding checklists quickly. Set up checklists with profiles for different roles and locations, then send in seconds.

Increase new hire satisfaction

Organized document management for new hires expedites the hiring process to lose fewer candidates. New employees and contractors can fill forms, digitally sign documents, and upload file requests without having to ask what is still missing. This eliminates email attachments and expedites the new hire process.

Maintain security and compliance

Ensure you have all appropriate documents on file for each employee and contractor with our real-time tracking system. States have a litany of document requirements for school staff. Ensuring these documents are on file is critical.

Improve operational productivity

Our visual dashboards provide visibility for management to easily tell which document requests are open and closed. Eliminating manual document management and tracking means your human resources teams can concentrate on attracting and quickly onboarding the best talent.

Why Choose Boilerplate?


Boilerplate offers a fully secure document management workflow with cybersecurity best practices in mind, such as encryption of files in transit and at rest, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, and routine vulnerability scans to keep your sensitive documents secure, yet accessible.

No Code, Easy to Use

You don’t have to be a techie to use our document management software. Our out-of-the-box document intake & e-sign solution replaces email attachments and tracking sheets, working alongside your ATS and HRIS. Manage your hiring documents with an efficient, organized, and user-friendly solution.

Optimized Workflow

Use configurable checklists to build out a workflow with your content and documents. Have a different offer letter template for executives vs hourly staff? No problem. Need separate onboarding checklists for different states? No problem. Input your content into our system to create all the checklists you need, then choose the next one you send as the employee or contractor progresses through your workflow.

Use-Cases of Boilerplate

Our cloud-based document management and e-signature platform for Human Resources simplifies use-cases across the entire customer lifecycle.

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Offer Letters and Contracts

Create offer letters and contracts offline and then add signature fields, or upload a template once and fill in the blanks for each new employee or contractor.

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The average new employee submits over a dozen forms and files, including I-9, W-4, handbooks and policy sign offs, payroll docs, ID, credentials, and more. Tracking, reviewing, and sending reminders becomes a full time job without a system.


Contractors are often managed outside the traditional HRIS system, but ensuring the proper paperwork in place is critical for compliance purposes. Use digital checklists to make this process easy.

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Easily collect documentation from parents and guardians without having to chase down each invidual document.

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