New hire payroll onboarding software.

Boilerplate makes cloud-based employee document onboarding easy. Collect W-s, I-9s, direct deposit authorizations, cancelled checks and more -- all from one organized portal.

Collect and track payroll onboarding requests in one portal.

Client intake
Document Intake Portals

Collect IDs, cancelled checks, and pictures of any other files you need.

Sign Online

Fill and e-sign W-4s, I-9s, direct deposit authorizations and more.

Account Changes

Provide links to setup profiles in other systems, watch trainings, etc.

Improve new hire client experience and

Automate tracking payroll onboarding documents.

Offer Letters

When you’re ready to hire, you can pre-fill offer letter templates in Boilerplate and send through our system to your soon-to- be employees. You’ll have the ability to pre-sign the offer, or have your candidate sign first.

Boilerplate sample offer letter


As you onboard new employees, send reusable checklists for different personas accessible to your new employee in a secure portal with your logo at the top. 

They allow your new team members to see exactly what’s open and closed, fill out important tax and banking information, sign employee handbooks, upload their ID and credentials, complete tasks, and fill all other onboarding documents - at the push of a button. 

Boilerplate lets you track submissions in real-time, send reminders for open items, and reject incomplete or incorrect items. You can store these documents indefinitely, or have them automatically named, sorted, and available for download.

Boilerplate dashboard for onboarding employee


Do your employees have documents, licenses, or credentials that expire? 

Boilerplate can automatically flag, track, and remind both employee and employer of upcoming expiration. With our alerts and dashboard panels, you can see upcoming events without the need to run reports or search individual holders. 

Why Choose Boilerplate?

Ease of use

  • Once your paperwork is created as a reusable checklist, you’ll never have to track down a file again. Send and receive all needed documents at the push of a button.

  • Set a due date when you send a request to trigger automatic reminders to the other person.

  • When you download them, we can automatically name and sort them for you - or we can store them on our secure servers. 

Convenient Dashboards

How many times have you had to run a report or follow up to find what you needed?

Our dashboards can show the exact state of all assigned tasks - you’ll know exactly what needs to be done, without the hassle of following up. The perfect tool for talent acquisition companies hiring multiple employees at a time.

Easy Access

Our software sends, validates, and stores all of your sensitive data on a secure, cloud based platform. Everything you need is accessible at the click of a button, no matter where you are.

No Missed Paperwork

What would happen if one of your employees was fired for a policy violation, but never received their handbook?

We’ve heard a lot of horror stories about things ‘falling through the cracks’ - Boilerplate puts an end to that. By presenting a convenient, consistent, and user friendly checklist, all assigned tasks are always completed.

Mobile teamGroup
Configurable checklists

Requests files, data, docs and signatures

Quality assurance safeguards

Version control, audit logs, QA/QC queue

Personalize before sending

Pre-fill documents, add/ remove requests

Real-time tracking

Monitor status at the request level

Streamlined communication

Everyone knows what's open and closed

boilerplate software
Organized Client Portal

Visualize open requests

Electronic Signatures

Verifiable, E-SIGN Act compliant

Online Form Filling

Fill forms in browser

File and Data Requests

Collect PDFs, images, data, and more


Get notified of due dates and revisions

Mobile Uploads

Collect PDFs, images, documents & more

Client Tab

Convenient Features

Client Onboarding

  • Easily onboard new clients with an organized list of everything you need from them.

Quality Assurance

  • Boilerplate doesn’t just automate your hiring process; you can review and return submitted items with the click of a button and a custom note.
  • On the client side - the hire sees a list of everything they need to do. This keeps items from falling through the cracks, while ensuring all requirements are completed in a timely manner.
  • If a client is unable to complete a line item, they are able to mark it as unavailable - saving time on manual outreach.

Pre-fill forms

  • How long does it take to manually update offer letters and onboarding documents? With Boilerplate, relevant information can be tagged and autofilled to save you time.

Automated reminders

  • No more manually following up - set due dates, reminders, and update frequency. 

Expiration and credential tracking

  • Whether it’s internal policy or a legal mandate, almost all positions have credentials, licenses, agreements, and other important documentation. Boilerplate allows for convenient tracking and automated reminders of upcoming expiration dates - saving you the trouble (and potential liability) of expired credentials.

Use Cases

Multi-State organizations & Recruitment Agencies

For teams hiring many candidates with distinct onboarding needs, Boilerplate is the perfect tool for offers and onboarding.
Having ready-to-go forms and checklists can save hundreds of hours.

HR Pros & Small Businesses

If your eam is struggling with the added workload of hiring and onboarding documents, Boilerplate's automated system will take the weight off your shoulders. 
Auto-populate documents, e-sign agreements, upload handbooks, and all other onboarding busywork, all in one place.

Boilerplate dashboard for Onboarding employee

If you’re ready to automate your client and new employee onboarding, schedule a free demo today.

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