License Management Software to
Collect and Manage Credentials

Boilerplate is a cloud-based license management system that makes it easy to collect licenses and credentials from contractors and staff, then track expiration and renewal dates.

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hr document management software

Boilerplate helps you manage your employee onboarding paperwork, saving up to 40 admin hours per week

Streamline staff onboarding documents and license management software in one platform

Chasing downhiring documentation and licenses without the right license management software gets messy. Keeping track of which employees and contractors have submitted their credentials, and then tracking when those credentials renew or expire, quickly becomes a full time job. Automate tracking your staff licenses.

Improve user experience with a secure portal to collect files and a simple back end to track expirations:

Offer letters & contracts
Client intake
Onboarding: HR, legal, I-9, tax & payroll docs
Contractors: licenses, contracts, insurance
Account Changes
Acquired staff

Boilerplate offers a cloud license management software and HR document intake platform for Human Resources professionals that modernizes the hiring and credential tracking experience. Create configurable, re-usable digital checklists to collect forms, e-signatures, file and license requests in an organized portal. Eliminate unnecessary emails and confusion with simple open items tracking. Get the licenses and credentials out of your inbox attachments and tracking spreadsheet, and into a real system.

License Management Software

Boilerplate provides an easy license request and expiration tracking experience for everyone.

Eliminate the manual paperwork

License intakes, document management, and e-signatures using digital checklists allow Human Resources teams to process offer letters and onboarding checklists quickly. Set up checklists with profiles for different roles and locations, then send in seconds.

Increase new hire satisfaction

Organized document management for new hires expedites the hiring process to lose fewer candidates. New employees and contractors can fill forms, digitally sign documents, and upload license and file requests without having to ask what is still missing. This eliminates email attachments and expedites onboarding.

Maintain security and compliance

Boilerplate keeps your critical documents secure with enterprise-level cloud security, including encryption in transit (TLS) and at rest (AES-256), suspicious activity monitoring, multi-factor authentication, and more.

Improve operational productivity

Boilerplate's visual dashboard and notifications tab let you see when licenses expire and send reminders to submit updated versions.. Eliminating manual license document management and tracking means your  teams can reduce risk and stress around tracking licenses.

Why Choose Boilerplate?


Boilerplate offers a fully secure document management workflow with cybersecurity best practices in mind, such as encryption of files in transit and at rest, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, and routine vulnerability scans to keep your sensitive documents secure, yet accessible.

No Code, Easy to Use

You don’t have to be a techie to use our document management software. Our out-of-the-box document intake & e-sign solution replaces email attachments and tracking sheets, working alongside your ATS and HRIS. Manage your hiring documents with an efficient, organized, and user-friendly solution.

Optimized Workflow

Use configurable checklists to build out a workflow with your content and documents. Have a different offer letter template for executives vs hourly staff? No problem. Need separate onboarding checklists for different states? No problem. Input your content into our system to create all the checklists you need, then choose the next one you send as the employee or contractor progresses through your workflow.

Seamless Integrations

While some of our customers use Boilerplate on its own, others want to integrate with their existing systems. Our APIs make integrations with your existing tools easy, saving you manual hours each year. You can also export files for storage outside Boilerplate.

Use-Cases of Boilerplate

Our cloud-based document management and e-signature platform for Human Resources simplifies use-cases across the entire customer lifecycle.

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Offer Letters and Contracts

Create offer letters and contracts offline and then add signature fields, or upload a template once and fill in the blanks for each new employee or contractor.

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The average new employee submits over a dozen forms and files, even more for credentialed staff. Include links to request clearances and upload the results into a secure, oragnized portal.


Contractors are often managed outside the traditional HRIS system, but ensuring the proper licenses are in place is critical for compliance purposes. Use digital checklists to make this process easy.

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Acquired staff

Bringing on a large group of new employees after an acquisition? Do a bulk send to a list of emails to ensure they've completed all the HR paperwork and license requests to become part of your organization.

Transform the license management process with Boilerplate document intake portals and expiration tracking dashboards.

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