Automated License, Credential, Certificate and Clearance Expiration Tracking software

Boilerplate is a versatile, cloud-based document and credential management software, designed to make collecting and tracking licenses, credentials and clearances easy. 

With streamlined, cloud based portals, we help organizations like yours request, upload, monitor, and track the expiration of licenses, credentials, certificates, and other clearances. 

If you manage skilled or licensed employees, contractors, or volunteers, our software will save your organization countless hours, and reduce risk.

Seamless Credential Tracking

Before Boilerplate, our clients  were using email attachments to request copies of credentials, clearances, certificates and licenses, then using a spreadsheet to track expirations. Not only is using a spreadsheet time consuming, labor intensive, and inefficient, it’s also extremely error prone.

There’s a better way to track your employee’s credentials.

Here’s how our software makes every stage of onboarding, verifying, and tracking credential’s easier:


Post a link or send reusable digital checklists to your staff, volunteers and contractors with a list of each credential, clearance, license, or certification you need them to provide. 

You can include links if they need to obtain the items from an external source, like an FBI background check. They can upload an image or PDF of the document from their phone or desktop, and then select an expiration date. 

You’ll be notified once they’ve submitted, then get to review each item and verify the expiration date.

Boilerplate can also handle contracts, offer letters, and other onboarding documentation, including forms, PDF filling, e-signatures, and file requests. Use us for your entire hiring process, or just tracking credentials.


Review and track copies of licenses and credentials with ease. Our dashboard can show the team member, submission status of each item, and any tracked expiration dates - no manual reports needed.

If you download a file, our software automatically places their name, the document title, and the date to avoid any confusion. 


Our software sends, validates, and stores all of your sensitive data on a secure, cloud based platform. Everything you need is accessible at the click of a button, no matter where you are.

How does it work?

Boilerplate provides a white-gloved document management system - easy, convenient, and secure.

All requested documents are displayed in a single, easy to use checklist.

Boilerplate Portal

See the status of each contact, with the option to expand into a line-item view.

Boilerplate Portal

Features that make credential tracking convenient:

Data at a glance

No need to run a report, or dig to find files. 

When onboarding, you can see the exact status of each employee's checklist with a single click. 

Once they’re on your team, you can monitor the status of credentials, clearances, and licenses, all in one convenient place.

HR Pros & Small Businesses

Do you find you’re often reminding candidates they forgot to attach something? 

Now you can remind them with a click of a button.

But what about expirations? We’ve got you covered there, too. We’ll remind you and/or the credential holder when the expiration date draws near - no more last minute surprises.

Industries that we help

Healthcare & Medical

Hiring healthcare professionals and contractors requires managing large amounts of documentation and credentials. 

If you employ healthcare service providers, you need secure tracking for all of their documentation, from licenses insurance to CPR certifications and background checks. 

Our software has processed hundreds of these documents - letting users request and track all of the documents in one organized place.

Restaurant and Food Service

Food safety and alcohol violations can permanently shutter bars, restaurants, and any other type of venue serving food or alcohol - no matter the size. 

Ensuring your business and staff are up to date on all of the appropriate documentation doesn’t just reduce your stress - it can save you hundreds of thousands in potential audits and/or fines.

Chemical Handlers + Applicators

Do you employ painters, contractors, pest and wildlife technicians, or groundskeepers?

Improper, expired, or missing licenses for chemical application can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars - not to mention other severe penalties.

If you want to be sure all of the appropriate credentials are in place before disaster strikes, you need more than a spreadsheet. 

With Boilerplate’s document collection portals.  Staff can upload pictures of their licenses and certifications from their phones keeping everyone compliant. 

Child and Elder Care Providers

Children and the elderly are amongst the most vulnerable members of society, ensuring all appropriate credentials and clearances are in line for anyone working with them is essential. Request and track federal, state, and local clearances in a simple, secure portal. 


(Bus and Ambulance Drivers, School and Volunteers, Camp Counselors)

There’s too much risk and liability for anyone driving a vehicle on behalf of your organization without ensuring they have a license and proof of insurance. Post a link or send the request to their email, track the submissions and expiration dates. Collect hiring documents like I-9s, W-4s, and more at the same time.

Foreign Travel

Trips abroad can require many different licenses, forms, and permits. If your organization is traveling with a group, there are often many documents you’ll each need.

  • Proof of Vaccination
  • Passport and ID expiration
  • Tickets, Boarding Passes, and Boarding
  • Liability Releases
  • Film / Photo Release forms

If you want to make sure these are all valid, completed, and at the ready (before you’re at the airport), our document management system can collect and store them.

Why shouldn’t you use a spreadsheet?

Email attachments are easily misplaced, and a manual spreadsheet is time consuming and error-prone. Combine collecting, storing, and tracking credentials into a single system that can also handle your hiring and onboarding documents.

We keep track of it, so you don’t have to

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