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Seamless Onboarding with Boilerplate Software - Integrating with Lever

Boilerplate software makes digital onboarding of candidates from Lever applicant tracking software easy. In this article, we'll explore how Boilerplate seamlessly integrates with Lever, a popular applicant tracking software, to revolutionize your onboarding process. Say goodbye to email attachments, antiquated cloud portals, and inefficiencies - and embrace the power of digital onboarding.


What is Lever Applicant Tracking Software?

Lever is a cutting-edge applicant tracking software designed to streamline and optimize the entire recruitment process. It offers an intuitive, cloud-based platform that empowers HR professionals and hiring teams to attract, assess, and hire top talent more efficiently. Lever's key features include easy job posting, candidate sourcing, collaborative evaluation tools, and a candidate relationship management (CRM) system. With Lever, you can seamlessly manage job openings, track candidates' progress, and collaborate with your team, all within a centralized, user-friendly interface. Lever's data-driven approach provides actionable insights to enhance decision-making, making it an invaluable tool for modern organizations seeking to enhance their talent acquisition and hiring efforts.

Unlocking Efficiency with Boilerplate

Boilerplate Software is your go-to solution for optimizing and streamlining your employee onboarding process. Our digital onboarding portals offer a wide range of customization that make the transition from candidate to employee a breeze. One of our most sought-after integrations is with Lever, the leading applicant tracking software, which together make hiring and onboarding a seamless experience.

Why Boilerplate Software?

  1. Flexible Configuration: Boilerplate's digital onboarding portals can be easily configured to collect checklists of forms, e-signatures, and itemized file requests. You can tailor your onboarding process to meet your specific needs with persona-based document checklists for different steps in your process, roles, and locations. Each request will appear as a separate line item in the portal for your candidate. For example, collect pre-interview materials like licenses or credentials, pre-fill and e-sign an offer letter, and then complete an onboarding checklist with your digital forms, PDFs, itemized file requests, and links to outside sites like background checks and training.
  2. Paperless and Attachment-less Onboarding: Gone are the days of mountains of paperwork or scattered file attachments. Our digital onboarding portals allow you to move to an organized digital environment, reducing clutter and environmental impact.
  3. E-Signatures: Boilerplate makes it easy to gather e-signatures from new hires. No more printing, scanning, or mailing documents - everything can be completed digitally.
  4. Customizable Checklists: Create checklists for pre-interview materials and employee onboarding. These will appear itemized in a secure portal for candidates to complete, ensuring that no important steps are missed in the process.
  5. Tracking and Reminders: Get a real-time view of all requested files and documents in your Boilerplate visual dashboard. Use automated reminders tied to a due date, plus manual reminders with custom notes when candidates need an extra nudge. You also track expirations of submitted files like licenses and credentials.

Boilerplate Software's Digital Onboarding Portal

Seamless Integration with Lever

  1. Streamlined Data Transfer: The integration with Lever ensures that candidate data flows effortlessly into the onboarding portal. No more manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors and saving valuable time.
  2. Embed pre-interview checklists: Share requests for pre-interview materials, such as licenses and credentials, via a shareable link that can be placed into your job description or elsewhere. This saves time by screening out candidates who lack the licenses or credentials that your position requires.
  3. Consistent User Experience: The unified interface between Lever and Boilerplate offers a consistent user experience for both candidates and HR staff, enhancing efficiency and user satisfaction. The more organized and efficient your onboarding process is, the more candidates actually show up on their first day of work.
  4. Data Security: We understand the importance of data security. Rest assured, our integration with Lever follows industry best practices to keep your sensitive data safe, including encryption of data in transit and at rest.

Benefits for Candidates

Good onboarding software plays a pivotal role in enhancing the candidate experience:

  • Efficiency and Convenience: Onboarding software streamlines the onboarding process, reducing paperwork and manual tasks. Candidates can complete forms, provide information, and sign documents online, making the process more efficient and convenient.
  • Personalization: Customizable onboarding software allows employers to tailor the process to each candidate's role, department, or specific needs. This personalization shows candidates that the organization values their unique journey.
  • Clarity and Guidance: Clear instructions and interactive elements in the onboarding software provide candidates with guidance on what they need to do and how to complete the process. This reduces confusion and anxiety for new hires.
  • Digital Accessibility: Modern candidates are accustomed to digital experiences, and onboarding software aligns with their expectations. It enables candidates to access onboarding materials and resources from anywhere, using desktop or mobile devices.
  • Faster Integration: By expediting the onboarding process, candidates can become productive team members more quickly, reducing the time between accepting an offer and contributing to the organization.

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Benefits for Employers

Dedicated onboarding software streamlines the employer’s operations:

  • Consistency: Onboarding software ensures that all candidates and new hires receive a consistent onboarding experience, reducing the risk of important information or documents being missed.
  • Compliance: Employers can easily track and manage compliance-related documents, ensuring that all necessary legal requirements, such as tax forms and safety certifications, are met.
  • Data Accuracy: Digital onboarding minimizes errors related to manual data entry or mis-placing paper or digital files, especially when there’s turnover or absences in your HR department. This ensures that employee records are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Enhanced Tracking: Boilerplate’s tracking capability provides real-time status on requested files, enabling HR teams to identify bottlenecks, monitor compliance, and quickly see which candidates are ready to start. It also reduces the need for back-and-forth communication between teammates regarding which documents are still missing.
  • Time Savings: HR teams save time by automating routine tasks and focusing on more strategic HR activities, such as employee engagement and development. Our clients are saving an average of four hours per new hire using Boilerplate.
  • Cost Savings: Efficient, streamlined processes lead to cost savings. Manually collecting and tracking documentation wastes the time of valuable employees. Employers can also allocate resources more effectively by automating administrative tasks.
  • Reduced Turnover Risk: As HR staff come and go, key records are often lost which creates headaches for the new person and legal compliance risks.
  • Improved Retention: A smooth onboarding process, made possible by good software, can positively impact employee satisfaction and, ultimately, retention. When employees feel welcomed and well-prepared, they are more likely to stay with the company.
  • Positive Employer Brand: A well-organized and efficient onboarding process reflects positively on the employer's brand. It can attract top talent and create a positive impression in the job market.

In summary, good onboarding software not only makes the onboarding experience more enjoyable and efficient for candidates but also brings significant benefits to the employer. It streamlines processes, enhances data accuracy, and contributes to cost savings. Furthermore, it helps create a strong employer brand and ultimately aids in employee retention and satisfaction.

What are some industries where an organized onboarding process is crucial?

Many jobs and industries necessitate extensive paperwork collection from candidates and employees due to regulatory compliance, safety concerns, and legal requirements. HR teams play a crucial role in ensuring that all necessary documentation is meticulously maintained for each employee. Without software to manage the onboarding document needs for each role and location, it becomes a disorganized process and a compliance nightmare. Here are a few examples:

Healthcare Professionals: Healthcare positions, such as nurses, doctors, and medical technicians, involve handling sensitive patient information. HR teams are responsible for gathering and maintaining documentation like licenses, certifications, immunization records, and background checks. These records are vital to ensure that healthcare providers meet legal requirements and provide the best care while safeguarding patient privacy.

Nurse holding a clipboard
Teacher in front of a classroom

Education and Teaching: Teachers, professors, and educational staff must provide various certifications and background checks, including teaching licenses and clearances. These documents are vital for ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for students.

Aerospace and Aviation Personnel: Pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance crews in the aviation industry require extensive documentation, including licenses, medical certificates, and training records. Ensuring these documents are in order is critical for passenger safety and regulatory compliance.

Two pilots in an airport cockpit
Workers at a construction site

Construction and Trades Roles: Positions in construction and skilled trades often involve a significant amount of documentation, including licenses, certifications, safety training records, permits, and equipment operation certifications. Accurate and up-to-date paperwork is crucial for ensuring the safety of workers on construction sites, adhering to regulations, and providing a clear record of employee qualifications in these high-risk environments.

Finance and Banking: Professionals working in finance, banking, or investment-related roles may need to provide extensive financial disclosures, compliance documentation, and certifications. Proper documentation is essential to maintain transparency, accountability, and compliance with financial regulations.

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Government Positions: Government employees and contractors, such as civil servants, law enforcement officers, and military personnel, must often provide a range of documentation, including security clearances, training records, and medical evaluations. This ensures that individuals in these roles are eligible, competent, and meet the required standards.

Transportation and Logistics Positions: Employees in the transportation and logistics sector, including truck drivers, delivery personnel, and airline staff, typically need to provide documentation such as driver's licenses, commercial driving certifications, and driving records. Ensuring that all required documentation is up-to-date and readily accessible is vital for regulatory compliance, safety, and efficient operations within this industry.

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HR teams play a vital role in maintaining documentation for employees to:

  • Ensure legal compliance and avoid potential legal issues or fines.
  • Safeguard the organization and its employees from liabilities.
  • Confirm the qualifications, training, and certifications of employees.
  • Provide a clear record of employee history for audits, reference checks, and performance evaluations.
  • Foster a culture of transparency, trust, and accountability within the organization.

Failure to collect and maintain required documentation can lead to legal and financial consequences and may compromise an organization's reputation and integrity. Therefore, HR teams play a pivotal role in ensuring that all necessary paperwork is collected, accurately maintained, and readily accessible when needed.

In a competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is essential for your organization's success. Boilerplate Software, in tandem with Lever, is the answer to enhancing your onboarding process. Our digital onboarding portals can be tailored to your specific needs, making the transition from candidate to employee seamless and efficient. Say goodbye to email attachments and manual data entry, and embrace the future of HR onboarding with Boilerplate.

Contact us today to learn more about how Boilerplate Software can transform your onboarding process and propel your organization to success.

Onboard with Boilerplate Software - Integrating with Lever

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