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Boilerplate insurance broker software can save you hundreds of hours each year by digitizing filling out insurance applications. Do you want to streamline your brokerage operations and improve efficiency? Look no further than Boilerplate’s insurance broker software. Our software is designed to streamline the way you collect data and support documents from clients and prospects, then seamlessly export data to fill applications. Get a Boilerplate Portal to make more money, while saving time, reducing errors, and enhancing the overall client experience.

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Boilerplate software digitizes and simplifies the application process by using digital forms to collect client information without revealing the entire application. Clients can easily fill out these forms, the broker or agent can add and update information, and then export the data to populate applications automatically. Forget about entering the same EIN number fifteen times! This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy, as manual data entry is minimized.

Key features of Boilerplate’s insurance broker software include secure branded portals to collect data and documents from clients, a dashboard to track submissions, and then tools to help your team automate filling applications. By automating repetitive tasks, our software allows you to process applications faster and more efficiently with fewer errors.

Unique checklists of data and document requests can be created for different coverage types. Links to the portal for clients and prospects to submit information can be easily embedded via a link into your website or email signature. Alternatively, you can assign to an email address whee they click a link in an email and access the portal. There are many ways to easily collect client information while barely lifting a finger.

One of our success stories is a California-based Commercial Insurance Broker that spent hundreds of hours each year with manual application processing. For years, they were copying and pasting data from client emails and pasting it into standard and specialty insurance applications. After implementing our software, they experienced a significant increase in efficiency and accuracy. Clients were delighted with the faster response times, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Don't let manual application processing slow you down. Invest in our insurance broker software and take your brokerage to the next level. Contact us today to schedule a demo and see how our software can transform your business. Optimize your insurance brokerage operations with software that fills applications automatically.

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Case Study: A California Commercial Insurance Brokerage Saving $100k/ year with Boilerplate Portals


A small California-based insurance agency specializing in personal and commercial insurance faced a challenge when their assistant in San Francisco took another job. The assistant was responsible for managing collecting data and documents from clients and prospects. She did this via phone calls and email, chasing down clients and prospects to get the necessary information to fill the initial applications or renewals. Once received, she would manually fill out multiple application forms, often copying and pasting the same info into multiple applications. The departure of this key team member left a significant gap in their operations, requiring a solution that would allow them to continue running smoothly without having to immediately replace the assistant.

Implementing Boilerplate Portals

Recognizing the need for a streamlined solution, the agency decided to implement Boilerplate Portals, a comprehensive onboarding and document management software. The software allowed them to digitize their client intakes, making it easier to securely collect, access, and export client information. Additionally, the software's automated workflows simplified the application process, reducing the manual workload for the remaining staff.

Managing Operations Without a Replacement

Despite the departure of their assistant, the brokerage was able to keep its operations running smoothly with the help of Boilerplate Portals. The software allowed them to streamline their process of collecting client data via links on their website and then exporting it to fill new and renewal applications. This made it easier for the remaining team members to handle the workload efficiently. Automating the processing of applications reduced the need for manual intervention.


By implementing Boilerplate Portals, the broker maintained efficiency and productivity in their operations, even without replacing their highly paid assistant. The software streamlined their document management process and improved their overall client experience. With the automation provided by Boilerplate Portals, the team focused on more strategic tasks, ultimately leading to increased productivity and profitability for the company.


The broker’s experience highlights the importance of implementing efficient software solutions, such as Boilerplate Portals, to streamline operations and maintain productivity, even in the face of key personnel changes. By leveraging technology, companies can reduce their reliance on manual processes and ensure that their operations remain efficient and effective.

Benefits in Your World

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Optimize the Client Experience

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, insurance brokers can leverage digital forms within Boilerplate Portals to collect information from clients without revealing the entire application. This feature allows brokers to gather necessary data in a more streamlined and user-friendly manner, improving the overall client experience.

By using Boilerplate's digital forms, brokers can create customized questionnaires tailored to specific client needs, making it easier to collect the required information. These forms can be shared securely with clients, who can then fill them out at their convenience, reducing the need for back-and-forth communication and saving time for both parties.

Once the information is collected through the digital form, Boilerplate Portals can export this data into the relevant application forms, automating the data entry process. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors associated with manual data entry. Brokers can review and edit the populated application forms to ensure accuracy before final submission, further streamlining the application process.

Moreover, by using digital forms in Boilerplate, brokers can maintain a digital record of client information, making it easier to access and update as needed. For renewals, data in Boilerplate can be easily sent to clients for verification and updates, then updated on the applications. This digital record can be securely stored within the system using advanced encryption methods.

Overall, the ability to use digital forms in Boilerplate Portals enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the application process for the broker, improving the client experience and increasing productivity. Set up an appointment today to see how Boilerplate insurance broker software can streamline filling applications, save $100k per year*, and do more with less.

About Boilerplate

Boilerplate Portals, founded in 2019 outside Philadelphia, specializes in streamlining the collection of data and documents through secure, user-friendly portals. Their innovative solutions replace cumbersome email attachments and tracking sheets, allowing organizations to manage onboarding documents and client intakes more efficiently. By focusing on security and ease of use, Boilerplate Portals has become a trusted partner for professionals in financial services, law, and human resources, ensuring that essential processes are handled smoothly and effectively.

*Actual savings my vary

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