Case Study

Modern Immigration Software
for Attorneys with Boilerplate Portals

by Brian Magrann


In immigration law, managing client document requests for various US visa applications can be challenging and costly without the right immigration software for attorneys. A streamlined and efficient solution for attorneys, paralegals, and clients ensures timely and complete visa applications, without all the email attachments. This case study explores how Boilerplate, an innovative portal-based software specializing in immigration software for attorneys, revolutionized the document management process for a multinational immigration law firm (“the firm”), saving up to 12 hours per client.

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The firm boasts offices in California, New York, Texas, and Washington DC, as well as branch offices across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Boilerplate's software not only streamlined the document collection process but also simplified tracking requests, leading to increased efficiency and enhanced client satisfaction. This innovative approach resulted in significant time savings, up to 12 hours of admin time per client, and offered added capabilities such as e-signatures and PDF form filling.

Client Background

The firm is a leading multinational immigration law firm with a substantial global presence. They manage hundreds of immigration cases per year, including visas for family, employment, and education. With a diverse client base and staff in different timezones, the firm faced considerable challenges in managing documentation requests from their clients for different visa types. Before adopting Boilerplate's immigration software for attorneys, the firm wrestled with a manual and error-prone system. Their reliance on email attachments for document collection, spreadsheets for tracking, and manual reminders not only consumed significant time and resources but also introduced the risk of errors and missed deadlines.

The Boilerplate Solution

Boilerplate Portals offered a comprehensive solution to address the law firm's challenges. The core features of their software included configurable, itemized portals that guided clients on the specific supporting documents required for their visa applications. 

  • Enter a client’s email
  • Choose a checklist to assign 
  • Client uploads requests 
  • Track and review submissions 

Boilerplate also provided digital questionnaires, such as the DS-160, a crucial component of many visa applications. Furthermore, Boilerplate's proprietary e-signature tool simplified contract and engagement letter signing, while its PDF form-filling capabilities streamlined document requests, in addition to the complex file requests supporting each application.

Key Features and Benefits

Customized Portals

Boilerplate's software enabled the law firm to personalize pre-built checklists for each client based on their specific visa type and requirements. These portals provided a clear and structured checklist of required documents, reducing ambiguity and streamlining document submission.

Automatic Document Tracking

Boilerplate's system automatically tracked document requests, offering real-time status updates to the law firm's team and clients. This tracking feature eliminated the risk of missing critical documents or accidentally asking for the same thing twice.

Premade Checklists

Boilerplate’s pre-made checklists, customized for various visa types, saved the law firm's staff valuable time. Clients consistently received the correct list of required documents, reducing confusion and enhancing satisfaction.

Reminder System

Boilerplate's built-in reminder system replaced manual follow-ups. Automated reminders notified clients of pending documents and upcoming deadlines, enhancing efficiency and client engagement.

Enhanced Communication

The software facilitated effective communication between the law firm's team and clients. Clients could easily upload documents, reducing reliance on lengthy email exchanges and unnecessary back and forth.

E-signature Tool

Boilerplate's proprietary e-signature tool simplified contract and engagement letter signing, expediting the client onboarding process and enhancing security.

PDF Filling

The software's PDF form-filling capabilities simplified paperwork for both the law firm's team and clients, reducing manual data entry.

Implementation and Results

The implementation of Boilerplate's immigration software was a well-structured process. The law firm's team received comprehensive training to ensure effective utilization of the software. This involved configuring portals, setting up document checklists, defining workflows for various visa application types, and leveraging e-signatures and PDF form-filling features.

The results of implementing Boilerplate were transformative for the law firm. They experienced significant reductions in the time and effort required for document collection, tracking, communication with clients, and administrative paperwork. The streamlined process not only improved efficiency but also allowed the firm to serve a larger number of clients, saving up to 12 hours of admin time per client.

Efficiency Gains

By adopting Boilerplate's immigration software for attorneys, the law firm improved the efficiency of their document management processes:

Time Savings

The automatic tracking of document requests and use of pre-made checklists, along with the e-signature and PDF-filling features, saved the firm up to 12 hours of admin time per client. This eliminated repetitive tasks and allowed the team to focus on more strategic aspects of their work.

Error Reduction

With clear guidance, automated tracking, and electronic documentation, the firm significantly reduced errors, missed documents, and missed deadlines.

Increased Capacity

Efficiency gains enabled the law firm to handle a larger caseload without increasing their workforce, ultimately increasing their revenue potential.

Client Satisfaction

The law firm's clients also reaped the benefits of the software:


Customized portals and checklists provided clients with clear instructions, reducing confusion and questions, enhancing their experience.

Reduced Stress:

 Automated reminders and tracking reassured clients that the necessary documents were provided to the law firm,, reducing anxiety and uncertainty.


The e-signature and PDF form-filling features simplified the document signing process and paperwork submission, making it more convenient for clients.

Global Integration

Given the law firm's international reach, Boilerplate's software was especially valuable in integrating their various offices across the United States and abroad. The ability to access client information and document intake progress in real-time allowed for seamless coordination among the firm's global team.


Boilerplate's immigration software for attorneys successfully transformed the document intake process for a multinational immigration law firm. The firm's transition from email-based document collection and spreadsheet trackers to an automated, user-friendly system streamlined their operations, improved efficiency, and increased client satisfaction, saving up to 12 hours of admin time per client. Boilerplate’s portals simplified the process for both the law firm's team and their clients. This resulted in the firm's ability to handle a larger caseload without compromising service quality, and their global offices could collaborate more effectively. Boilerplate's solution was the key to unlocking a new level of productivity and client satisfaction for this dynamic immigration law firm.

Visa clients are anxious to move things along, so ensuring they know exactly what they need to provide reduces their stress and expedites the process. The successful collaboration between the law firm and Boilerplate showcases the power of innovative software solutions, specifically in the realm of immigration software for attorneys.

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