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Move Your Business Online with a File Collection System

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Boilerplate document management software facilitates moving your business online, fast. Paperwork transactions and applications commonly handled in person have quickly transitioned to all electronic. Physical filing cabinets are no longer an option, and many digital file transfer options are not secure. Our file collection software reduces back and forth, while keeping files in one place so everyone can find them later. Done correctly, this can drive efficiencies, accountability, and organization across your entity. Boilerplate document management software makes it easy to move your business online today.

Collaboration tools like document management systems from Boilerplate are cloud-based and turn-key. Unlike traditional custom-built systems, our software can be implemented in minutes, not months. One signed up, users create packages of requests, such as forms to be filled and files to be collected. These are then assigned to a recipient using their email address. The recipient receives a secure link to enter the portal where they submit the requests. Submissions are then reviewed by the requestor before being made accessible on their visual dashboard, which doubles as a digital filing cabinet. Our document management system is a collaboration tool that makes life easier for requestors, recipients, and managers.

Help bring your business online with document management software where users don’t need to feel like they’re using an interface developed in the 1990s. Recipients of file requests have come to expect smooth digital interactions and get frustrated receiving the same file requests more than once because their submissions have been misplaced or are not properly tracked. Emailing files back and forth creates both security risks and tracking spreadsheet nightmares. Supervisors need visibility on where electronic submissions stand. We provide a visual tracking dashboard that gives managers real-time insight on the status of file requests. We make it easy to bring your business online with electronic document management software.

We are proud to offer special promotional packages on our software for organizations of all sizes in this time of need. Let's schedule a quick call to discuss your needs.

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