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Client Intake Portal Submissions

Updated: July 10, 2020 (v7)

Welcome to Boilerplate, software to make collecting files easy!




Access and upload all items assigned for completion. 





Forms and Templates

These items will need to be downloaded, filled, signed (if requested), saved, and re-uploaded.


Additional Requests

Files to be selected and uploaded from your computer or device, including photographs with your phone. They’re requests  like a driver’s license or resume, that don’t require any forms to be completed. 




First, click on the secure link provided in the request email, or the intake link shared with you. For security purposes, you’ll be prompted to create a password to access the requests.


Completing File Requests


  1. For each request, hit the upload button, navigate to select the file from your device, and upload it.

  2. On mobile, you can use the camera function to take a picture of the item. You’ll be given an option to add additional pages. You can also choose files from your camera roll, or other storage providers.

  3. If you’re unable to fulfill a request, use the dropdown button to select a reason. The requestor will see your response and either approve it, or return it to you for completion.


Submitting Forms and Templates


For the forms and templates, use the download button (down arrow) to the right of the item name to download the file to your machine, it will save wherever your downloads normally go (desktop, downloads folder, etc).

Windows/ PC

Fill out the forms using a program like Adobe, and save your changes to your machine in a location you’ll be able to find again. If signatures are required, use your electronic signature platform of choice.


Apple/ OSX 

From your downloads folder, open the document in Preview, then click Tools in the menu bar, and select Annotate features to complete the form. Save to a location where you’ll be able to find it again.



Currently, recommended forms and templates are completed from an ipad or desktop device.


Digitally Signing Documents

Check with your legal counsel on the validity of these signature options for your organization. Note that charges may apply for some of these services.


Print and Scan - The old fashioned way

  1. Click the download button next to each file name (down arrow)

  2. Open the downloaded file(s), they should be in your downloads folder; sort by Most Recent if necessary.

  3. Print and fill the forms out by hand. 

  4. Once done, use a scanner or smartphone to capture an image of the file.  

  5. Save it to a location on your device where you can find and access it (downloads, desktop, etc).

Mac through Preview  

  1. Download the file

  2. Locate files and select Open in Preview

  3. From the top menu, select Tools > Annotate > Signatures

  4. Choose or create signature

  5. Apply your signature and drag where you want it

  6. File > Export as PDF > Save the file

  7. Click the upload button and choose the completed PDF from your machine

Adobe Sign​

  1. Once downloaded, right click on the file name and choose ‘Open with’, then select Adobe Reader.

  2. Scroll down the menu until you see the "Fill & Sign" option, and click on it

  3. Click on any fields that need to be filled in and type in the required information.

  4. Click on "Sign" > "Add Signature"

  5. Save signature

  6. Apply signature to required fields

  7. Once you've signed, save your PDF to make sure your signature isn't lost.


  1. Login to your DocuSign account

  2. Click ‘Home’ on the top menu

  3. Select ‘Start Now’

  4. Select desired document by clicking > ‘upload’ > ‘next’

  5. Check the ‘I’m the only signer’ box > sign

  6. Select ‘Signatures’ on the top right 

  7. If you already have an available signature, drag and place it in the desired location. Otherwise, click ‘add signature’ > type in signature > drag and place

  8. Click ‘finish’ on the top right > ‘no thanks’

  9. Click on file again in the inbox menu > download

  10. Now it will be saved to your computer 



  1. Open Hellosign account

  2. Click ‘Sign Documents’

  3. Click ‘Add file’

  4. Then click ‘Signatures’ > hover over document and click

  5. Select ‘Type it in’ > type in your name > ‘insert’

  6. Drag and place 

  7. Click ‘continue’ 

  8. Select ‘download’ on bottom left

  9. Open downloaded file and save to your computer 



  1. When you’re ready to upload a completed item back into the system, select the upload button and navigate to choose your file.  Once selected, select Choose, then it will upload and save automatically. 

  2. You’ll notice a completed check circle appears next to the file name once uploaded, and the upload button will display a grayed out ‘Replace’ option.  

  3. Use the Replace button if you’d like to change the submitted file before it's been accepted by your requestor..  


Finishing Up


A status bar in the top right shows your progress. Use the logout button if you’re finished, or need to return and finish later. The requestor will be automatically notified when you’re done.  


Use the Submit & Logout button once you are done.



In some cases, the requestor may review your submissions and return them for updates. If this happens, just make the selected changes and re-upload.

You’re all set, nice job!

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