Welcome to Boilerplate! Let's make collecting and tracking files easy.


Our objective is to set up packages of requests that can be fulfilled repeatedly with minimal effort on your end. These requests can be set up as a shareable link, or assigned to a specific email address. All submissions will be reviewed for quality, organized, and tracked.


These instructions serve as a guide to using our software. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the blue chat button in the bottom right when logged in, or email onboarding@boilerplate.co. 


As a requestor, it’s easiest to use our platform on a desktop internet browser. 


Each section of the training will address:


  • Objective

  • Definitions

  • Instructions

  • Proceeding to the next step


We’ll cover these components:

Documents - add forms and templates

Packages - assemble requests, create a shareable intake link

Recipients - send customized requests to specific people

Review - approve submissions or return for updates

Dashboard - track results and access files, relax and watch the magic

Client/ Recipient Portal - access and submit requests


To Proceed

  • Send file requests only go to Packages

  • Request generic forms and custom documents go to Documents



Still have questions? Use the chat bot or email instructions@boilerplate.co


User Guide and Instructions

Administrator Overview

Updated: July 7, 2020 (v7)

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