Brian Magrann

CEO and Cofounder

Former management consultant with 12 years leading claim and loan processing for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. B.S. in Accounting from Penn State.

Levente Kurusa

CTO and Cofounder

Coding since age 8, with a background in secure system design. Bachelor of Engineering in Computing from Imperial College London. 

Brian's Disaster Story


The Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts were Brian's first experience with managing compliance documentation. He spent his entire first day filling out forms, before helping to run the $1.5B Special Community Disaster Loan loan program, which provided emergency funding for schools and local governments.

Each loan required thorough record-keeping for future audits or congressional inquiries. Collecting the supporting paperwork was time consuming and frustrating for our clients -- the municipal leaders struggling to bring their communities back.  Juggling manual spreadsheets, email attachments, and shared online folders wasn't efficient, or transparent, especially for frequent inquiries from Washington or a Governor. 

Brian would become an expert at managing documentation for claims, loans, audits, and eventually, shared service centers. First he wanted to make himself more efficient, then the team members he managed, before implementing an agency-wide system for all FEMA Public Assistance documentation. 


To his surprise, an effective off-the-shelf product to combine form, files, data, and digital signature requests still didn't exist.

Lev's Technical Firepower

Lev started computer coding at age 8 as he developed a love for all things technology. Before graduating Imperial College London, he'd worked for world-reknowned software companies developing secure, complex operating systems for regulated fields. Even at the world's top tech firms, onboarding documentation was still disorganized and inefficient.  


Lev and Brian connected through YCombinator’s Startup School program in 2019. Their objectives converged to creating software that would solve the proverbial headache of collecting and managing enterprise content. The product would need to be simple, but highly secure, transparent,  and  contain features that eliminated errors, wasted time, and reduced legal and compliance risks.


We’ve redesigned the enterprise content management experience as a digital concierge service. It's easy for clients, efficient for staff, transparent for managements, and organized for auditors. With each new customer and iteration of our software, we aim to enhance that experience with large and small improvements that will improve the user experience, reduce errors, increase efficiency, and lower compliance risks. Each feature is thoughtful, easy to use, and efficient, respecting everyone's time. 

We’d love to hear about your needs, and discuss how our product can help your organization. Let's schedule a consultation here.

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