Brian Magrann

Co-founder and CEO

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Former management consultant with 12 years leading claim and loan processing for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. B.S. in Accounting from Penn State.

Boilerplate Company History

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After meeting through YCombinator's Startup School, we founded Boilerplate in 2019 to make file collection organized and easy. We're headquartered in Conshohocken, PA, just outside Philadelphia.

Levente Kurusa

Co-founder and CTO

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Coding since age 8, with a background in secure system design, development, and implementation. Bachelor of Engineering in Computing from Imperial College London. 

The story of Boilerplate started in 2005 during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast. 170 mph winds, widespread flooding, and an overnight shift in population wreaked havoc on local tax bases. Congress authorized a billion dollar emergency loan program, which Brian helped administer as a young financial management consultant fresh out of undergrad at Penn State.


The loan funding was to be expedited, but still required sign offs, due diligence, and robust record-keeping for future audits by the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Collecting the supporting paperwork was burdensome and time consuming, juggling manual spreadsheets, hard copies, and shared online folders. We’d receive urgent inquiries from leadership in Washington or the state capitals, requiring immediate updates on what was missing to complete a certain loan application. 


Brian would make a career of managing documentation for disasters, designing the accounting system to manage the City of New Orleans’ Katrina rebuilding funds, complying with paperwork requirements from multiple funding sources. He conducted audits for numerous federal agencies, streamlined document collection from New York’s critical infrastructure operators after Superstorm Sandy, and developed process workflows and tracking methodologies for FEMA’s first Public Assistance Centralized Resource Center, which now processes billions in claim applications annually. All these programs operated under extensive regulations and compliance rules, including oversight from Congress, state and federal auditors.   


14 years after that initial experience on the disaster loan program, an off-the-shelf product still didn’t exist to effectively collect documentation. Email attachments, manual tracking sheets, and disorganized cloud folders still persist.


Meanwhile, Lev started computer coding at age 8. He developed a love for all things technology, computers, and software. Before graduating college at Imperial College London, he had worked at some of the top software companies in the world developing and building complex, secure systems in regulated industries. Through that, he realized that managing onboarding documents could be a mess even for top tech companies.  


Lev and Brian fatefully connected through YCombinator’s Startup School program during the summer of 2019. Following a face-to-face meeting that next week in San Francisco, their objectives quickly converged to creating software that would solve the proverbial headache of manually collecting, tracking, and storing files. The product would need to be simple and  easy to use, but contain features that addressed the annoyances of file collection that led to errors, wasted time, lost files, duplicate requests, version control issues, legal or compliance risks, and more.


We’ve redesigned the document collection experience as a concierge service from the perspective of requestors, recipients, management, and auditors overseeing the process. With each customer we listen to, and each iteration of the software, we aim to enhance that experience with a combination of big and small improvements that will drive revenue, reduce errors, increase efficiency, lower compliance risks, and delight our users. Each feature is thoughtful, easy to use, simple, yet efficient, with nothing left to chance. 


We’d love to hear about your needs, and discuss how our product may be able to help you and your organization. Let's schedule a consultation here.

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